“Quejío” is the heartbreaking transmission of that which is felt, which comes from within, which hurts and cries out where the soul cries out. “Quejío” made guitar when it vibrates in our chest, when, from the very corner where the duende lives, its chords enrapture us, enveloping us in its mystical atmosphere (optional “as Paco de Lucia did so well”).



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Rafael Riqueni

Manuel Molina

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The last guitar maker in the province of Seville

The new generation of flamenco guitars

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Jesús de Jiménez

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I don’t know if being born into a family where the grandfather was used as a rattle, rocking chords to the beat, had an influence on me, leaving me spellbound by the playing of the “Lele de Osuna”, as he was known in the world of flamenco. It didn’t take him long to infect me with his passion for the guitar, for its sound, for its forms, and for what intrigued me the most, its construction.

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José Luis Beltrán

A place where craftsmanship becomes dreams, guitars of the highest quality.

Barry Leaver

Wow what an experience. One of the best guitar makers in the world.

Zhyrhab Amadeo

Builds primarily flamenco guitars of great quality.

María Gómez

Very satisfied with the result.

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